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2014 Xcel State Championships and the Spring Level 3-5 State Meet

Congratulations to all the gymnasts of the NorCal 2014 Xcel State Championships and the Level 3-5 Spring State Meet that was held by hosted by Byers, Roseville at Del Oro High School in Loomis on April 5 & 6, 2014!

Congratulations to NorCal's Level 6 and 7 NorCal State Championships for Amazing Performances at State!

Level 6 Team: 1st Golden Bear, 2nd Tie Pac West and Airborne, 4th San Mateo, 5th West Valley, 6th Peninsula

Level 7 Team: 1st Airborne, 2nd San Mateo, 3rd Head Over Heels, 4th CGA, 5th West Valley, 6th Gold Star

Congratulations to NorCal's Level 8's, 9's, and 10's for a Great Job at State.
Good Luck at Regionals!

Level 8 Team: 1st San Mateo, 2nd Airborne, 3rd Pac West, 4th West Valley, 5th Edge, 6th Tie Twisters and Technique

Level 9 Team: 1st Airborne, 2nd Head Over Heels, 3rd Byers, Roseville, 4th Byers, Elk Grove, 5th Champion, 6th Technique

Level 10 Team 1st San Mateo, 2nd Pac West, 3rd Airborne, 4th Head Over Heels, 5th Technique, 6th Edge

Congratulations to to Airborne Gymnastics for again winning the Perpetual Trophy for Top Overall Competitive Program in Northern California!

Top Six Gyms: 1st Airborne 36 points , 2nd San Mateo 30 points, 3rd Pac West 16 points, 4th CGA 13 points, 5th Head Over Heals 12 points, 6th Tie Edge and West Valley 7 points
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NCWGA (NorCal)

The Northern California Women's Gymnastics Association is an organization of gymnastics clubs that works in conjunction with USA Gymnastics to promote and oversee gymnastics in Northern California.

USA Gymnastics SAC/NorCal

USA Gymnastics is the governing body of gymnastics for the United States.  The State Administrative Committee (SAC)  NorCal is the committee that makes sure all rules are followed in qualifying and competitions.


National Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges NorCal recruits, trains, develops, assigns, and represents judges in Northern California.  It is the Northern California part of the National organization.


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NorCal has an all new look to the website and a new shorter URL:  The old long URL will still work.


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Be sure to get the Xcel Code of Points now going into its 2nd printing.


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College Gymnastics events are happening every weekend at one of NorCal's 5 Universities with Teams.  Be sure to catch the next meet near you!


Nor Cal (NCWGA)

What is Nor Cal?
A brief description and some definitions.
NorCal Zones  
A list of the new zones and the clubs in them...
Nor Cal Handbook in Word and the Nor Cal Handbook in PDF
This is the 2006 edition which is the most current completed edition.  Use General Meeting Minutes and Executive Board Meeting Minutes from 2006-2007 to find revisions to any rules listed in this handbook.  The competition charts below are fully updated for the 2007 season.
New Meet Assigning Procedures  Updated Judges Request Form
Club Listing by New Zones
Nor Cal Club Roster  Nor Cal Roster in PDF
The membership information is now updated.  Club maps to most clubs can be accessed by clicking on the club name. Please notify Bill Strom of any errors or updates to club information at:  
NorCal Calendar    Approved 2013-2014 Calendar in PDF
2013-2014 Calendar for all NCWGA events including meets.
NorCal Forms
Meet scheduling procedures, Membership Application, ProScore Rental and Inventory Forms, State Championship Host meet packets (New completeable forms!).
ProScore Hardware Reservation Calendar 2013-2014
This is a listing of which clubs have each ProScore system reserved each week of the year.
ProScore FAQ
Latest TOP's News    
update from 6-8-2012 from Kelly Keane

The following changes are in effect for the 2014 Tops season:
o For 8 year olds, they now do a 12 ft rope climb same as 9/10 year olds
o Flexibility testing is now by leg swings! Please view the following video here:
o If you have any question please don't hesitate to email Kelly Keane. See you on June 14th!

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